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The SDG2 Advocacy Hub coordinates global campaigning and advocacy to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2: To end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030. 

The Hub brings together NGOs, advocacy groups, civil society, the private sector and UN agencies to share expertise, ideas, and to collaborate on campaigns so that our overall impact as a community of influencers is increased.

With 17 Sustainable Development Goals to achieve by 2030, the Hub offers a new game plan – a way of working that engages the largest group of diverse actors to work together on SDG2 priorities, while focusing on individual specialist areas of work that will ultimately meet the targets.

'Ending hunger, and achieving food security and better nutrition, is one of the most important building blocks of a world in which every child can survive, learn and be safe. The 2030 food and hunger targets can be reached, but only if governments, civil society and the private sector work together to drive proven solutions, and create accountability for results.'

 - Helle Thorning-Schmidt, CEO at Save the Children International

To learn more about the SDG2 Advocacy Hub's work, check out a Letter from the Director that reflects on the highlights and challenges of the past year and opportunities for SDG2 in 2022.


The SDG2 Hub: Who we are

The SDG2 Hub is made up of an existing set of diverse actors working together to achieve SDG2. From the private sector to NGOs, from nutritionists, chefs, and farmers, all members have something to offer and a role to play in achieving a sustainable food future.

Two main groups are tasked with the day to day and long-term outlook of the SDG2 Hub – the Bridge and the SDG2 Hub Secretariat. Find below more information on both of these groups.

Bridge Members

As the governing body of the SDG2 Advocacy Hub, the Bridge is a small advisory group responsible for the Hub's strategy and resource allocation. Made up of representative SDG2 organisations, the Bridge is tasked with developing and approving the short-term and long-term strategies for the SDG2 Hub and its Secretariat. With a long-term view of advocacy and campaigning, the Bridge works to ensure SDG2 targets are on track over the next ten years.  

Find below the SDG2 Hub’s Bridge Members:


SDG2 Hub Secretariat

The SDG2 Hub Secretariat executes the day to day activities of the SDG2 Hub as well as coordinates the engagement of its Champions, the Bridge, and broader membership.   

Paul Newnham, Director

PaulPaul Newnham comes to the SDG2 Advocacy Hub following 15 years at World Vision International where he was responsible for campaigning, advocacy, communications and youth mobilisation.

He leads the way with a new and innovative approach to tackling hunger, which focused on youth and livelihoods in East Africa. This approach sought to bridge the divide between programmes and mobilisation and was subsequently implemented in several countries.

Paul is passionate about bringing new voices to the Global Goals conversations, particularly around zero hunger and in his role as Director of the SDG2 Advocacy Hub, he is committed to ensuring that members have the support and resources they need to work collaboratively and achieve SDG2 by 2030.

✉️: paul@sdg2advocacyhub.org    Twitter: @paulnewnham


Rosie Cowper, Policy & Campaigning Officer (Nutrition)

Rosie Cowper has a BA International Relations and Development from the University of Sussex and a MSc Public Health from the University of Sheffield. In the last two years at the SDG2 Hub Secretariat, Rosie has transitioned from Advocacy Intern to Team Support Coordinator to her current post as Policy & Campaigning Officer. In this role, Rosie helps to curate content showcasing SDG2 initiatives and campaigns and amplify this work through the SDG2 Advocacy Hub social media platforms. Rosie speaks English and Spanish. Get in touch with Rosie: 

✉️: rosie@sdg2advocacyhub.org  


Barbara Wachter, Communications Officer

Prior to joining the SDG2 Advocacy Hub as a Communications Officer, Barbara Wachter worked at the grassroots foreign affairs think tank “foraus”, at the Swiss Mission to the UN, the Swiss Embassy in New Delhi, and as Research Assistant at the ETH Zurich. She holds a BA in Political Science, International Law and Farsi from the University of Zurich, and a MSc in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics. In her role at the SDG2 Hub, Barbara supports the Chefs’ Manifesto project and helps amplify SDG2 initiatives and campaigns through the Hub’s social media platforms. Barbara speaks English, German, French, Farsi and Spanish.

✉️: barbara@sdg2advocacyhub.org 


Asma Lateef, Policy and Advocacy Lead (Agriculture)

Asma Lateef has extensive experience in policy advocacy and coalition building. She most recently served as director of Bread for the World Institute, where she was responsible for implementing the Institute's policy analysis, education and advocacy on issues related to hunger, food security, nutrition and poverty. She previously served as interim executive director of the Alliance to End Hunger and director of policy and programs at Citizens for Global Solutions.

Asma currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement representing the SUN Civil Society Network and co-chairs the US-based International Financial Institutions Working Group and US SDSN's Zero Hunger Pathways Project. Asma holds a master's degree in economics from the University of Maryland, a post-graduate diploma in economics from the London School of Economics and a bachelor's degree in geography from McGill University. 

In her role as Policy and Advocacy Lead, with a focus on agriculture, Asma will work with key actors in the SDG2 space to strengthen alignment between nutrition and agriculture to achieve SDG2 and Good Food For All. 

✉️asma@sdg2advocacyhub.org    Twitter @asmalateef 


Keren Allen, Project & Partnership Lead

Keren Allen brings more than 20 years’ experience of working alongside people, in both management, coaching, mentoring and leadership roles. Keren has focussed her career on education, community and international development, working in project and programme management as well as supporting vulnerable people build lives of their choosing. A firm believer in removing barriers that prevent people from making choices for themselves, Keren seeks to learn through actively listening and working with people to achieve a shared future. With degrees in Anthropology, English, Secondary Teaching, International and Community Development, and a Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring, Keren’s knowledge and practical experience in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Mexico, Kenya and Malawi, brings a deep breadth of experience to her role as Project Officer for the Hub Secretariat.

✉️: keren@sdg2advocacyhub.org


Adele Bright, Junior Communications Officer

Adele Bright has a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from Falmouth University. Adele brings her passion for the environment, sustainability, travel and good food to her role in social media and design. Adele spent time throughout university, and the years after, not only learning to cook but travelling parts of the world to learn more about culture and sustainability, diversifying her design and gaining a better understanding of the world. Adele has also been an avid volunteer for many charities and organisations, broadening her scope to work comfortably within many industries. She has worked in many mediums of design, gaining extensive experience within her field and making her passionate to take on whatever brief is passed her way. In her role at the SDG2 Advocacy Hub, Adele works within the Communications Team to create engaging and relevant content for the Hub social platforms, including the Chefs' Manifesto and Good Food for All.

Eleanor Luther, Executive Assistant to Director 

Eleanor has over eight years’ experience supporting Executives at both social enterprise start-up companies and large-scale service providers to industry. She is a BA graduate from the University of York in English Literature and Linguistics. Eleanor’s career has grown extensively within companies who help brands bring their supply chain transparency to consumers. Eleanor acts as the point of contact between the Director and staff as well as external stakeholders. She is responsible for the day-to-day execution of meeting arrangements, team meeting agendas and minutes and ensuring team accountability. Eleanor has previously been Executive Assistant to Director of Fundraising / CEO at The Prince’s Trust as well as over five years as Executive Assistant to CEO ISC Meat & Livestock Australia in Sydney, where she learned a great deal about the agricultural and food industries. 
✉️: eleanor@sdg2advocacyhub.org


Arhantika Rebello, Junior Communications and Campaigning officer

Arhantika Rebello has a BA in Photojournalism and an MA in Education, International Relations and Social Justice. Arhantika's interest in social development, food and sustainability comes from a childhood of having grown up across Africa, Asia and Europe. Having seen first-hand the growing complexity of issues we face in our changing world she is particularly keen to do her part in helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. An ardent photographer, she also runs a youth-focused creative digital content platform called QUAKE Digital, that aims to support, celebrate and connect young creatives globally. In her role at the SDG2 Advocacy Hub, Arhantika works across the Good Food For All Campaign as well as the Chefs' Manifesto, helping to amplify the messaging by driving online engagement through the production of curated creative content.
✉️: arhantika@sdg2advocacyhub.org


Chilufya Chileshe, Chief of Staff

Chilufya Chileshe has vast experience in international development and civil society leadership. She has led: pro-poor policy influencing, social policy research and advocacy, grant-making and monitoring and evaluation initiatives. 

In her most recent role as Global Policy Director at WaterAid, she lead a vibrant global policy team and contributed to the development of the organisation’s robust ten years strategy. This follows years of: leading regional advocacy and global policy influencing on water, sanitation and hygiene; grant-making in support of civil society pro-poor policy engagement for increased government responsiveness; and campaigning for, debt cancellation, responsible lending and borrowing, including effective and transparent foreign aid. 

Chilufya, has served in various civil society leadership capacities. As an avid analyst of Africa-China relations, she pioneered and supported foundational research and dialogue on the subject. She is the current Board Chair of the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa. Chilufya supports artistic development and empowerment of youth, including being a founding board members for Sani Foundation, that employs a novel work-based learning model to support young adults with intellectual disabilities be linked to jobs. Chilufya holds degrees in Public Administration and International Development from Universities in Zambia, South Africa and UK. 

✉️: chilufya@sdg2advocacyhub.org

SDG2 Hub Members

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With an open membership base, the Hub provides the SDG2 community with a monthly newsletter, advocacy tools and campaign guidance as well as creates a space in which SDG2 actors can network. Additionally, Hub members can share key dates and upcoming campaigns with the wider Hub community.